What We Do


Tree Planting

If you’ve wanted to learn more about planting a tree, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our site and you’ll discover new and unique ways of planting and maintaining beautiful trees.


Garden Fence

For top quality, competitively priced garden fences, fence repairs and wooden fences in Fort Worth,Texas, contact us. We are a leading company for garden fences, fence repairs and wooden fences.


Courtyard Landscape

We provide a various range of landscaping services, from efficient planning through installation process – even conventional maintenance.

Interested in our works and services?

We are licensed gardening contracting firm committed to helping property owners enhance the value of their homes and businesses through environmentally responsible, quality landscape solutions.

What S&B Evans & Sons Can Do

Garden Watering Systems

Garden Watering Systems, make your garden come alive with a variety of colorful flowers, plants and shrubs, that will give you and your family endless enjoyment and make you the talk of the town.

Preparing Landscape

Our professional staff can developed a landscape plan tailored to your needs, for new or existing properties. We work on residential and commercial designs to suit both the landscape conditions and the desired level of maintenance.

Garden Maintenance

Gardening can be a never ending battle against the elements, soil pests and diseases,so looking after your gardens and plants, and maintaining them the correct things, is a necessity if you want to keep them in first class condition.

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